Advanced Analytics

Advanced Real Estate Intelligence-SAAS. Data science blended with GIS and synthesized with self-configurable dashboards via next-gen data visualization.

Geomancer provides for greater perspective, enhanced competitive advantage, and predictive analytics.

Our "Geoscore" product assigns a feasibility and volatility score to property, similar to a credit score and its application to people.

Commercial Property and Land Owners

Real time valuation and data allows for better asset allocation and strategic planning. Acquisitions and dispositions are completed faster, with lower risk, and with higher returns. Predictive forecasting and sensitivity analysis provide unprecedented views of the future.

Geomancer increases returns.

Lending Institutions

Greater insight into collateral offerings allows for tighter credit control. Geomancer alerts the lender as to market shifts and consequent collateral value changes. Geospatial data and scoring protects the lender from latent defects in collateralized property.

Geomancer lowers investment risk.

Government Entities

Market wide statistics and real time parcel specific data reduce uncertainties in value, providing for more precise taxation and budget accounting. Infrastructure costing and planning via real time data create a quicker and more cost-centric land planning and management environment.

Geomancer enhances decisioning.

A Guarantee on Investment

Geomancer, Inc guarantees an increase on investment when using the full scope of Geomancer Services. Please contact a sales executive for details and demo.

Geomancer is a proprietary platform that allows our clients an enhanced competitive advantage. All perspective clients are required to execute a non-disclosure agreement prior to demo.